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Current ANSI Sign-Making Standards & Symbols

Written by Steve Hudgik

Make sure that all of your signs and labels meet the ANSI sign and label standards. DuraLabel printers come with the symbols and graphics your labels and signs need to be fully compliant with the current ANSI z535 code.

ansi z535 symbols

The current ANSI standard, Z535.4-2007, establishes a universally consistent layout for safety signs and labels that are used in the workplace. The standards take into consideration that safety signs are usually seen and read from a close proximity and must be assimilated into work environments that may feature a variety of colors and different size equipment.

ANSI 2535.4-2007 reduces the number of previous graphical sign designs into a universally common design that has been selected to present workplace safety information in a way that is consistent and communicates effectively.

The graphics to the right are a few of the pictograms included in the DuraLabel software that comes packaged with desktop printers in the DuraLabel line. They are all compliant with ANSI's standard of consistency.

ANSI Compliance labels must use words and colors that appropriately convey the severity of a hazard.

ANSI recommends that the word that calls attention to a safety sign must designate the proper seriousness of the hazard. The established words are "DANGER", "WARNING", "CAUTION", and "NOTICE", and they are all used to inform specific levels of threats.

ansi danger symbol


denotes the highest level of threats and is to be used in only extreme situations. It states that if a hazard is not avoided, it could result in death or serious injury.

ansi Warning Label


is the next highest level of threat, and is also used to indicate that a hazard can potentially cause death or serious injury. They are used in situations that are not as extreme and threatening as the instances when a DANGER sign would be used.

Caution Label


is displayed for circumstances and hazards that do not pose like-threatening injury, but rather only poses a minor threat of moderate injury.

ansi label samples


is not intended to be used for any hazard that poses any threat of injury. It is used to assert workplace protocol. NOTICE may also be replaced by a CAUTION sign without the a safety alert symbol to state a message not related to personal injury.

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