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Lab Safety

Written by Steve Hudgik

Labels and signs are an important components of lab safety. But using hand lettered or laser labels runs the risk of error and label failure. Exposure to moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures can cause labels to smear, deteriorate and fail – and that reduces lab safety. Failed labels can lead to mistakes, and that reduces lab safety. Unreadable labels can lead to errors, and that reduces lab safety. Your lab safety depends on the quality of your labels.Warning label for Supplied-Air

Selecting the right label material is essential to lab safety. The adhesive must be appropriate for the environment in which the label will be used. The label finish must also be the right finish for the environment. So how do you know which type of label material to use? You can become a label expert or you can use DuraLabel supplies.

There are more than 50 types of supplies available for DuraLabel printers. That's far more than any other label printer has. This means you can always get the right labeling supply for the job. No compromises. No being half right. Whether you need labels for plastics, glass, cryogenic or autoclave conditions, DuraLabel has the right labeling supply.

For example, if you need labels that will survive an autoclave, DuraLabel Autoclavable Tape (poly) gets the job done right. If you need labels that survive extreme low temperatures, then DuraLabel Cryogenic Poly Tapes get the job done right. DuraLabel High-Tack Tapes provide an extra strong adhesive that provides permanent bonding on low surface-energy plastics and even fabrics. Whatever you laboratory labeling needs, DuraLabel has the right solution.

DuraLabel also helps ensure lab safety by making the access control and wayfinding signs you need. Areas with restricted access can be clearly and permanently marked. Directions to guide employees and visitors safely through your facility can be posted as needed... and easily changed when needed. Whether you need small labels for vials or large safety signs, DuraLabel gets the job done right.

DuraLabel has all the right answers. The right labeling supplies and the right label printers. Plus we'll put it all together into a special kit designed to meet your lab safety needs. Call today and talk with a DuraLabel representative about using DuraLabel supplies and label printers to improve your lab safety. The number is 1-888-326-9244.. Call today. You'll be glad you did.

The information presented in this document was obtained from sources that we deem reliable; Graphic Products does not guarantee accuracy or completeness. Graphic Products, Inc. makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied. Users of this document should consult municipal, state, and federal code and/or verify all information with the appropriate regulatory agency.

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