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Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Classification

Written by Steve Hudgik

The Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Classification uses a common and consistent approach to labeling and classifying chemical hazards across the world to ensure environmental health and workplace safety.

Biohazard Signs

The global harmonized system covers all hazardous chemicals including substances, products, mixtures, and preparations. It was developed to better unify chemical standards and classifications across the world in order to increase safety in international commerce.

The harmonized system is intended to replace multiple systems that different countries have implemented and replace it with one uniform system. When there are inconsistencies between two countries' chemical classifications, it can be damaging to both safety and business interests.

Classifying and managing chemicals with safety signs includes relaying vital information to all those who may be exposed to the chemicals, including workers, consumers, and the general public. Safety labels in workplaces should include vital information such as what chemicals are present and being used, what hazards these chemicals present to human health and the environment, and how to control them.

DuraLabel features labeling machines and pre made die-cut labels that include all criteria for effectively classifying chemicals in the workplace.

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