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Safety Labels Information Labels & Signs

Written by Steve Hudgik

Operating Instructions, Procedures, Maintenance Information

Equipment Startup Procedure

Labels and signs that provide operating instructions, information about procedures, or maintenance information are not commonly thought of as safety labels. However, they perform very important safety functions.

Information At The Point of Need: Labels with operating instructions provide needed information at the location where it is needed. Operators don't need to remember procedures or check a separate reference. They are not tempted to take shortcuts or forget steps in a procedure. Information labels and signs help ensure equipment is started, operated, and shut down in both a safe and efficient manner.

Battery Changing Safety Procedure

There are no standards for informational labels and signs, other than they must not use the colors and designs used for other types of safety labels and signs. They may be printed on whatever color is most effective for delivering their message, or which matches your color standards.

Two examples of informational labels are shown here. The upper label is a simple, step-by-step listing of a dryer startup procedure. The picture to the right shows a door labeled with two procedures related to changing batteries.

Label Design: As with these two examples, most informational labels are simply black printing on a white background. What is important is that the information be communicated in a clear and concise manner. Don't use informational labels to tell a story. If the reason for a certain procedure needs to be explained, that should be done in a training class. Informational labels and signs should communicate their message clearly, using as few words as possible.

There are no restrictions concerning where informational labels can or can not be used. They should be used wherever information needs to be communicated visually.

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