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Machine Marking

Written by Steve Hudgik

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Fast, efficient, economical machine marking can now be done using custom labels you make yourself. Advances in labeling technology have resulted in new materials that can survive almost any environment. New label printers, such as the DuraLabel TORO, make creating labels any place they are needed fast and easy. This means machine marking has been simplified and can be done anytime - even with the machine running in many cases.

Machine marking is used for a variety of purposes, such as machine identification, providing name plate data, giving operating and maintenance procedures, and for safety messages.

Machine Marking For Identification

Providing prominent marking to identify machines, and their locations and functions, is an important part of 5S and improving processes through the application of lean manufacturing techniques. 5S is about eliminating waste by getting organized. But, even if you are not using 5S, clearly marking machines, so they can easily be identified, delivers substantial benefits. Prominent, highly visible machine marking eliminates confusion, reduces errors and improves the accuracy of record keeping.

Machine Marking For Improving Operation and Maintenance

Operating Procedures: posting operating procedures directly on or near the machine helps ensure machines are started up, operated, and shut down properly. Have you ever needed to sign on to a web site using a password you've typed in hundreds of times, but your mind goes blank? That type of "brain freeze" can happen to even an experienced machine operator. Using machine marking to provide check lists and procedures help ensure no steps are skipped or completed incorrectly.

Maintenance Procedures & Status: Machine marking giving maintenance procedures to help ensure preventative maintenance is done on schedule and correctly. Instead of relying on memory, or a procedure book that might be left behind in the shop, a machine label provides needed maintenance procedure information right where it is needed.

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In addition, machine marking labels are used to provide maintenance status and a record of maintenance. These markers are like the oil change sticker in your car, they show when maintenance was last done and what was done. If you have an in-house label printer, such as a DuraLabel,you can quickly make both temporary and permanent labels that give the current maintenance status of a machine.

Calibration Labels: Machine marking includes calibration labels and stickers. Even when calibration labels must be hand written, labeling technologies such as embossible labels ensure the information is recorded permanently. Calibration labels provide the date and results of the calibration, as well as any other information that may needed to be recorded.

Machine Marking For Safety

Machine labels provide critical; safety information at the point it is needed. Good safety practices involve eliminating hazards, guarding and preventing access to hazards, and providing protection against hazards. Safety labels are an important part of all three.

Machine marking used to deliver safety information warns about not making changes to the machine that will by-pass design features that eliminated a hazard. Safety labels warn operators to not remove guarding and maintenance staff to replace guarding after repairs. Machine labels warn about required PPE and other protective measures.

Doing Machine Marking The Right Way

Proper and complete machine marking is important for safety, productivity and to reduce waste. Having the proper equipment and supplies for machine marking is an important part of the picture. DuraLabel makes the right equipment and supplies. There are no other label and sign printers like DuraLabel printers. DuraLabel printers have over 50 unique types of supplies, meaning you can always get the right supply for the job. DuraLabel printers and tough-tested supplies are backed by unmatched warranties. DuraLabel printers and supplies are also backed by fast, friendly, accurate, and helpful support that is always free for existing customers - you never need to purchase a service contract.

Call 1-888-326-9244. to find out which DuraLabel printers and supplies you need for doing the machine marking you need to do.

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