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Safety Labels: Right To Know Labels (RTK)

Written by Steve Hudgik

Using RTK labels

RTK labels can be made in a variety of ways. They can be hand written on blank RTK labels. They can be printed using word processing software and a conventional computer printer. They can also be printed using a industrial quality label printer, which will produce more legible and durable labels. Ideally RTK labels should be made using database software and an industrial quality label printer.

A database should be used so that the proper information for each chemical is stored and can be recalled to print additional labels. This helps to prevent errors from getting on an RTK label.

Hand written RTK labels should never be used, because handwriting leaves open the possibilities of writing that is difficult to read correctly, and information not being copied to the label correctly.

We recommend making RTK labels using an industrial label printer such as the DuraLabel PRO. Labels can then be printed such that they are clear and easy to read. They will be consistent in how the information is presented. In addition, they will be durable and resistant to smearing, sunlight, scratching and weathering.

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