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Safety Sign Makers

There are a number of options for making OSHA safety signs. The option you select depends on how the sign will be used. Here are the four most common methods for making safety signs.

Purchase Pre-Printed Safety Signs

Safety Sign - Restricted Area Keep Out

This option is not really making the safety signs, it is directly purchasing the signs you need. Standard pre-printed safety signs are available in hundreds of varieties with commonly used standard messages. This is the easiest way of getting the OSHA-compliant safety signs you need. Just go to Graphic Products' safety sign catalog and select the signs you need.

Preprinted safety signs are excellent when only a few signs are needed, when the required sign size is small (approximately 10" X 14"), when customization is not required, and when there is not an on-going need for new or replacement signs.

If we don't have a pre-printed safety sign to fit your exact needs, we can design one that does with our custom color Continuous Printed Rolls. Simply send us a layout of your safety label using up to four different colors, and we will design and send you a roll of your custom safety label and include a template at no additional cost.

Safety Signs - CAUTION Sign

Safety Signs Made Using A Vinyl Tape Printer

For this option we are talking about thermal transfer printers that print on vinyl tapes. An example of this type of printer is the DuraLabel PRO. These types of printers, including the portable DuraLabel 2000 and the wide-format DuraLabel 7000 and DuraLabel 9000, are available to print on vinyl tapes ranging in width from 1/8" up to 9 ". These printers all produce professional quality safety signs and labels that improve workplace safety and do not crack, fade, or peel.

The custom yellow caution sign shown to the right was made using the DuraLabel PRO. It is made using five strips of four inch vinyl tape which were then tiled together to create a larger sign.

Making Large Signs

For larger signs the DuraLabel 9000 is the best way to go. For example, in the time it takes to make one sign with a vinyl cutter the DuraLabel 9000 can make five or six signs.

The DuraLabel 9000 does not limit the size of your sign. Some DuraLabel 9000 owners are using it to make green traffic signs, similar to what you've seen on highways. Strips of vinyl can be combined to make as large of a sign as needed. Signs can be made using Premium Vinyl, or they can be made using a supply such as reflective vinyl or even DuraLabel Bold Glow, glow-in-the-dark supply. Whatever you safety sign making need, check out the DuraLabel 9000. You'll be glad you did.

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