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DuraLabel 9000 Sign & Label Printer

The DuraLabel 9000 is a LARGE-scale thermal transfer printer that uses vinyl tapes and other supplies up to nine inches wide to produce big labels that can be seen from long distances and help to optimize safety comprehension.

The DuraLabel 9000 is a larger-scale, industrial strength desktop printer that produces professional quality labels and signs using thermal transfer printing and industrial vinyl tape. Connect it directly to your PC or to the highly portable MPS-150 to access comprehensive database software for RTK, arc flash, and other safety labeling. Templates, along with over 350 OHSA-compliant symbols and graphics, are included and use software you already know like Microsoft Word or Excel. Easily produce the safety signs that fit your work setting's needs as well as the requirements of the ANSI and OHSA.

Contact our friendly sales staff at 1-888-326-9244. with any questions you have about the DuraLabel 9000.

The DuraLabel 9000 can print on self-adhesive vinyl up to 9" in width, a size unparalleled by any other label maker available. It prints in pristine 300 dpi for optimal label clarity. With such high printing quality, even the smallest text on your large-scale safety signs will be clear and legible.

The DuraLabel 9000 can print on an assortment of supplies including die-cut labels, industrial grade vinyl tapes and ribbons, and reflective and phosphorescent tapes that all meet or exceed the labeling standards of OSHA, ANSI, and NFA 70E. The die-cut labels come pre-formatted to ensure that all of your safety signs are consistent with OSHA regulations and are easy to understand by workers. The DuraLabel 9000 can print 4" of tape per second, allowing you to quickly produce any safety signs you need in any situation. The DuraLabel 9000 prints on a variety of DuraLabel supplies that can be purchased direct from the manufacturer at considerable discounts. Get pricing and additional details today!

DuraLabel 9000 Extra Wide Format Sign and Label Printer

DuraLabel also offers custom color Continuous Printed Rolls for the DuraLabel 9000. Simply design your own label with up to four colors, and we'll send you a roll of your custom color labels and include a free reusable template for your PC. Use these labels with the monochrome printing of the DuraLabel 9000 to customize your safety signs with attention-grabbing color and increase the safety of your workplace.

The DuraLabel 9000 is a highly versatile piece of equipment as it not only can print sizeable labels, but it works for smaller labels as well. Its ability to print on a variety of vinyl tape sizes adds to its cost-effectiveness because it can complete any labeling task. Use it to print reflective traffic signs one minute, and then immediately use it to produce small pipe and cable markers and bar code labels. The DuraLabel 9000 covers all your safety sign bases in one durable cast aluminum-cased printer.

Increase the safety of your workplace today by using the DuraLabel 9000 to produce safety signs that are noticeable and informative as well as economical.

Give us a call at 1-888-326-9244. for more information about the DuraLabel 9000 printer.

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