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How to Choose a Label Printer

When considering purchasing a label printer to make safety signs and labels for your workplace, there are several factors to consider. These include the durability of the label, the printing resolution, the sizes of the labels and signs you'll need, and whether you need to do other types of labeling in your facility.

Label & Sign Durability

Label and sign durability is also effected by the type of ribbon, the label material and the adhesive. All of these are discussed on our page that covers label materials. The type of label supplies used will also effect UV (sunlight), water, weather, temperature and chemical resistance.

Printing Resolution

The resolution of your label printer will effect the clarity of the your labels and signs. Thermal printers are available in a variety of resolutions. Although lower resolutions may be fine for general purpose labels, we recommend using a 200 dpi or greater printer. Both the DuraLabel PRO 300 and the DuraLabel 9000 print at professional quality 300 dpi. Printing at high resolution will ensure that small print, pictograms and bar codes will be clear and easy to read.

DuraLabel Printers

DuraLabel TORO Sign and Label Printer

DuraLabel TORO

DuraLabel Toro is the newest sign and label printer and exceeds expectations. It is a portable integrated labeling printer that can adapt to any work environment. DuraLabel Toro has a full-size keyboard, a 9" flip touchscreen, OSHA-ANSI compliance software, prints 0.5" to 4" widths, a battery for remote printing, and so much more.

DuraLabel PRO 300 Sign and Label Printer

DuraLabel PRO 300

The DuraLabel PRO 300 saves time and money while greatly increasing the efficiency of your facility. At 300 dpi resolution, the DuraLabel PRO 300 produces top-of-the-line text and graphics quality. It prints up to 4 inch widths at 2 inches per second.

DuraLabel 2000 Label Printer

DuraLabel 2000 PLUS

The DuraLabel 2000 PLUS is a portable label printer that produces superior quality labeling even under the harshest of conditions. Whether you need long lasting pipe markers or weather resistant OSHA safety labels, the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS can deliver the label you need with the quality you expect.

DuraLabel 4000 Sign and Label Printer

DuraLabel 4000

The DuraLabel 4000 is a medium volume thermal transfer label and sign printer that can handle almost any industrial labeling and sign-making it encounters. From small, shrink tube wire labels and bar codes to large, OSHA safety signs and reflective parking signs. The DuraLabel 4000 prints on any color supply ranging from 1" to 4" in width.

DuraLabel 9000 Sign and Label Printer

DuraLabel 9000

The DuraLabel 9000 is an extra wide format, thermal transfer, sign and label printer designed for industrial applications. It prints on industrial-grade vinyl, as well as other materials, up to 9" in width, which makes for extremely high visibility for your labels, pipe markers and signs.

Additional Resources

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