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Safety Labeling Applications

VPP Labeling Applications

Labels are an important component of any safety program. The following are some of the safety related applications that involve labeling. In some cases labels are required. In other cases labeling may not be required by law or code, but it is an accepted industry standard.

Arc Flash Labels - Are arc flash warning labels required? What information is required on arc flash labels? What should an arc flash label look like?

Danger Labels & Signs - What are the standards to be used when making DANGER labels or signs? Does OSHA have any danger label or sign requirements?

Information Labels & Signs - Are there standards for information labels? What are the safety benefits of information labels?

Pipe Markers - properly labeling pipes identifies pipe contents, the direction of flow, and the general type of material in the pipe. A variety of pipe labeling standards are used, some of which require more specific identification of pipe contents.

Right-To-Know (RTK) Labels - provides information that allows the contents of containers, and hazard level of those contents, to be quickly identified.

Safety Labels & Signs - Safety labels and signs provide safety related information. They are not used to communicate caution, warning or danger information.

Warning Labels & Signs - What are the standards used when creating warning labels or signs? What information should be included on a warning label or sign? What colors are used?

Machine Marking - Machine marking is used for a variety of purposes, such as machine identification, providing name plate data, giving operating and maintenance procedures, and for safety messages.

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