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OSHA Reports Of Workplace Fatalities By Month

July 2009 - Aug - Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec - Jan 2010 - Feb - March - April - May - June 2010

Workplace fatalities can happen
in ways you'd never imagine.

To provide examples of what can happen, we've compiled a listing of all workplace fatalities for a one year period, July 2009 through June 2010.

Workers do certain actions over and over as a part of their normal routine. Actions that may be unsafe. They develop habits, activities they do without thinking. Never considering that because of their habits they might get hurt or die.

Many fatalities happen because workers don't believe they'll get hurt. Or they have cut corners in the past and not had anything bad happen. Or because they are trying to save a little time. Or because they didn't realize what could happen. Or because they weren't paying attention.

We have attempted to compile a listing of all workplace fatalities reported to OSHA during a twelve month period (July 2009 through June 2010). This list is not complete, but is as close as we can come with the information available from OSHA. It gives you a snapshot of what happens during one year.

We are providing these fatality lists as a training tool -- to help workers and employers see the many ways an on-the-job fatality can happen. A fall from an 18" high stool resulted in a fatality. A lawn tractor rolling over resulted in a fatality -- several times. Many fatalities are caused by someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time... and that's something that can be prevented.

Read through these monthly reports. Have your employees read them. Suggest to your co-workers that they read them.

In most of the fatalities described here death comes unexpectedly, with no warning. Realize that you could be next. Be alert. Be careful. Always be thinking and paying attention to your surroundings.


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